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WYLD Faculty

Our facilitators offer breadth and depth of knowledge — from our Guides, who are fluent in the WYLD Way and our curriculum, to our Sages, who are subject matter experts in a range of fields.

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leadership development trainer - WYLD team

What our faculty brings

Each leadership development trainer creates a safe, inclusive, objective-driven, enriching and fun experience for all clients. Our facilitators add unexpected dimensions to their events by leaning into their organizational leadership expertise, experiential learning design and collaboration.

They leave room for each participant to develop their own unique insights vs. being prescriptive or formulaic. They communicate with integrity, foresight, and follow through and understand the psychology and daily reality of the people they are working with.

They do their own work - leading by example with their own personal experiences. They embrace a lifelong growth mindset.

Our WYLD Guides

Our guides are change agents who design and implement customized curriculum for workshops, retreats, and coaching. Engaging and relatable facilitators, they work alongside you as teachers and students helping you or your team learn and grow. From a change management specialist and a wellness coach to a DEI specialist and a Guide with a focus on business consulting, our coaches can support you through a wide range of topics.

Allyson Horne

Team & Transitions Coaching

Andrea Weinfurter, M.S.

Rising Leaders Coaching

Caroline Dotts, M.S.A.

Higher Education Coaching

Chelsea Gentry

Women’s Leadership & Wellness Coaching

Hannah Baker Robinson, M.P.S.B.

Executive Coaching

Jessica Dawson, M.B.A.

Business and Sales Coaching

Kristin Meek, M.A.P.P.

Executive Coaching

Nancy Oberst, M.A.

Education and Nonprofit Coaching

Samantha Kennelly, M.A.

Early Career Coaching

Shantae J. Edwards, M.B.A.

Change Management Coaching

Our WYLD Sages

Our Sages represent subject matter experts in various fields. Their life's work supports and inspires WYLD's mission. These leaders influence our curriculum and are available as speakers or consultants. From Sages with a focus on stress management and organizational leadership to a resume coach and facilitator with a wealth of knowledge on the pattern and power of the archetype, we offer a range of practical and inspirational experiences.

Alexandra Crosswell, Ph.D

Expertise: Stress science and the mind-body connection

Amira El-Gawly

Expertise: Team performance and culture design 

Jobi Manson

Expertise: Elemental immersions and the artist's way

Kelly Lynch

Expertise: Creativity through art, symbols, dreams and the imagination

Maika Leibbrandt, M. Ed

Expertise: Organizational health and change management

Patti Schutte

Expertise: Public speaking and presentation coaching

Susan Holgate

Expertise: The science and spirit of Mother Earth

Susan Honea

Expertise: Business fundamentals and career readiness 

My experience at WYLD was one of the best things I’ve ever done for ME. I grew in ways I did not think possible and overcame fears that plagued me. The WYLD Guides are amazing people who are passionate, strong and always doing for others.

My experience with WYLD has truly been transformational. From individual coaching to the WYLD West Women's retreat, they are an organization that truly attunes to their client and supports them on whatever journey they are on. This has been the greatest investment in myself and I can't recommend this group enough to others.

The WYLD experience was a good opportunity for leaders at our company to examine our own strengths, and to get to know the strengths of other leaders on the team. Our facilitator was excellent.

– Retreat participant and coaching client
– Retreat participant and coaching client
– Workshop participant
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Benefits of joining the WYLD Faculty

When you are selected to join our bench as a leadership development trainer, you join a community of seasoned, best-in-class Guides who embody the WYLD way and Sages who are area experts at the top of their fields.

What you receive:

Concierge operational support

We apply the same hospitality approach that’s used with clients to you so that you have the freedom to do what you do best. That means we handle all of the paperwork and challenging logistics. The magic of designing and delivering the client experience is where you come in.

The freedom to design your work

You always have a strong voice in the when, how, and where of your projects and who you work with. There are some brand consistencies in place to ensure a standard of excellence, but beyond that, we trust your unique style and experience to guide your client relationships.

Endless growth opportunities

Our weekly gathering is a space for wisdom sharing among coaches. Here we connect and support one another, sharpen our teaching toolkits, and become the receivers of the gifts we provide for our clients every day.

Lead generation

By being an established and trusted brand, we provide you with some of the most sophisticated and exciting clients out there. From climate-science focused organizations and mission-driven charter schools to top retailers and avant-garde hospitality brands, our clients have a high “get it” factor and truly believe in the power of this work.

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