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Shantae J. Edwards

Change Management Coaching

Location: Chicago, IL

Stable, grounding force in service of deeper introspection
Magnetic presence that calms and activates simultaneously
Hears what’s unsaid, sees the unseen

Stable, grounding force in service of deeper introspection Magnetic and object presence that calms and activates simultaneously Hears what’s unsaid, sees the unseen

Offerings as a WYLD Guide

  • Coaching
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Keynotes and Speaking Engagements


Shantae J. Edwards is an executive coach, speaker, and professor who uses positive psychology to motivate others, set the stage for self-actualization, and change the world one high-five at a time. She believes that everyone should live life courageously through bold action. Her TEDx talk, You. Are. Enough., demonstrates Shantae’s commitment to helping people stand in and own their own truth, regardless of the odds against them or their past experiences. Shantae has helped leaders worldwide to implement sustainable projects impacting communities that create a better future through education, environmental and social entrepreneurship, and the arts.


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  • Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Gallup
  • M.B.A., Walden University
  • B.A. Communication, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
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  • Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, New York University
  • Dream Director, Future Project
  • Moral Leadership Fellow, How Society
  • StartingBloc Institute Fellow

Recent clients

Director at an Agricultural Technology Company

Cohort of General Managers at a National Fitness Company

Company-Wide Program at an Ecommerce Retail Company


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I have come to accept parts of myself and my history and background because Shantae has lovingly pushed me to talk about who I am and what I want. It’s not always been comfortable, but I have healed so much and come to feel confident in owning my authentic voice. Shantae has been a mirror and elevated my quality of life and contribution to work in noticeable ways.

Shantae has been amazing as a coach. She quickly recognized my learning style and adapted to it so that each session is the most effective. I’ve made meaningful changes in my life because of Shantae’s steady presence and accountability.

Our workshop with Shantae created unity and a shared language. I think we all as a team became aware that the struggles or questions we have personally are actually shared by many in the GM role. This was great to be able to not feel alone in these thoughts and to use other GMs as sounding boards. Additionally, I think it created more awareness for each of us on where we excel/how to use those skill sets to create more value at our studio.

Continue to be amazing! You are an awesome facilitator who has a knack for getting folks to open up and be themselves. Your energy is contagious. Shoutout to you!

I enjoy being vulnerable and it has always been one of those things that makes me feel most connected to others. It's exciting that WYLD (Shantae) x Getaway has created a safe space to improve, reflect, and connect with our team. My greatest takeaway is the intentionality behind everything we've done during our WYLD sessions. In the last Q3 session, I especially enjoyed having an action item to keep me accountable.

My Strengths Workshop with Shantae experience was a true discovery session - a-ha! I was really amazed at how my perspectives shape how I think, what I believe, and how I perceive myself, and how I behave professionally and personally.

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