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Allyson Horne

Team and Transitions Coaching

Location: Denver, CO

Playful yet intensely devoted to success Instantly feels like an old friend Gathers statistics and stories to maximize impact and inspiration

Playful yet intensely devoted to success Instantly feels like an old friend Gathers statistics and stories to maximize impact and inspiration

Offerings as a WYLD Guide

  • Coaching
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Keynotes and Speaking Engagements


Allyson serves as Director of Engagement for TeamMates Mentoring and has worked in the field of leadership development for over 20 years. Allyson received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Doane College and earned her certificate in Strengths-Based Education from the Clifton division of Gallup University. Allyson coordinates program-wide Strengths development and training for TeamMates Mentoring and serves as an executive coaching guide and master facilitator for WYLD Leadership. In her creative free time, she co-hosts the Genn and Millie podcast , dabbles in photography, and writes a personal blog. A frequent keynote speaker, Allyson has presented nationally at Gallup’s Strengths in Education Conference for institutes of higher learning, and consecutive years at the National Mentoring Summit, Gallup Strengths Summit, and Midlands Mentoring Partnership’s annual conferences.


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  • Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Gallup
  • Certificate in Strength-Based Education, Gallup University
  • Developmental Relationships/Asset Building Trainer, Search Institute
  • B.A. Sociology, Doane College
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  • Director of Engagement, TeamMates Mentoring
  • Training and Support Manager, TeamMates Mentoring
  • Regional Coordinator, TeamMates Mentoring
  • Facilitated 1,000+ workshops and coached 3,000+ leaders

Recent clients

Executive at an Educational Nonprofit Organization

Leadership Team at a Boutique Hospitality Organization

Cohort of Founders at a Climate Science Incubator


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  • Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

As a coach and facilitator, Allyson brings together a blend of 3 critical skills. First, she is truly a master in Strengths based development and leadership. Second, she is gifted in her ability to foster an immediate, warm hearted, intimate connection which allows insights, awakenings and action that feels authentic to who you are. Third, all of this comes from a spirit of sincerity and passion for serving and helping individuals and teams not only find the best of themselves and each other but propelling them into action to create real change and real growth.

Allyson was very knowledgeable and natural while guiding my team through the strengths review. Her experience and active presence in the process led to some key insights my team has embraced and used throughout their workday. She’s a remarkable facilitator.

Allyson made me feel amazing. As a growth-oriented person it’s difficult to feel satisfied and recognize accomplishments. Allyson dropped in, took stock of my life and goals, and was genuinely and effectively encouraging.

You are exceptional at your job - it is making a difference in our team and my interaction with my team.

- Consulting client
- Workshop participant
- Coaching client
- Workshop participant
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