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Patti Schutte

Expertise: Public speaking and presentation coaching

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Identifies seemingly minor tweaks that make a significant impact Put you at ease superpowers Sparks from within a motivated, deep desire to be brilliant

The uncanny ability to identify the minor tweaks that make a significant impact Put you at ease superpowers Spark from within a motivated, deep desire to be brilliant

Offerings as a WYLD Sage

  • Coaching


Being brilliant in front of any audience has been the passion of Patti Schutte since she can remember. If fear of speaking and presenting runs through the veins of the large majority, then call her a minority. In 2011, a colleague who was an Event Manager for a large international conference was desperately brainstorming on how to improve her speakers' presentations. She had seen Patti in action and knew her coaching approach was efficacious. And on that day, her journey as a presentation coach began. Since then, she has coached hundreds of subject-matter-experts to get the results they need from their high-stakes presentations. Her proven coaching techniques follow her simple step-by-step formula and will immediately boost your confidence, giving you superpower presenting abilities. If you need to become a confident, influential presenter who consistently moves your audience to act and gains your desired results, partnering with Patti is your answer.


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  • Certified World Class Speaking Coach
  • Completed a number of neuroscience-driven training courses in adult learning
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • B.Ed. in Secondary Education, Nebraska Wesleyan University
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  • Founder and Principal Coach, Be Brilliant Presentation Group

  • Presentation coach to top executives of Fortune 500 companies
  • Curriculum design and professional learning leader for award winning Education companies
  • Facilitator of 1,000+ in-person and virtual training sessions

Recent clients

CEO / Founder of a Health Technology Company

Executive coaching to multiple international keynote speakers

Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Podcaster


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  • Anything from Nancy Durate
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  • As you listen to/participate in presentations, pay attention to what you like and don’t like and then reflect on why that so you either repeat or avoid those situations in your own presentations.
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  • The fundamental flaw when creating a presentation is opening your laptop. Keep it closed and start by blueprinting your Do-Remember-Feel ending.

My confidence has soared. I now have the skills to deliver precise presentations that get my point across with clear purpose and intent, and I get results. I struggled to present through storytelling, but not anymore! Each coaching session is worth every moment as it's customized to my immediate needs and packed with value.

My Pattisms will serve me and my company for years to come. She has taught us more about slide decks and engaging an audience than anyone I’ve ever worked with. The entire process is easy and produces results. Her help is amazing and incredibly valuable.

Patti is the best presentation coach I've worked with. Over the years, she has helped me build compelling narratives for internal and external presentations and corporate product launches. She has helped me engage people while serving on industry panels. She was a vital partner in launching a successful webinar series and building my brand and messaging. Patti excels in her area of expertise. I highly recommend her services. She is a trusted, go-to partner. I would not be getting the results I am today from my presentations without Patti's coaching.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I had never presented at a conference before, not to mention as a customer spotlight keynote in front of thousands. I was nervous and worried about getting our company’s story across and not making a fool of myself. The presentation came together beautifully. The audience was so engaged! Thank you again.

Thank you sooooooo much!!! My presentation went so well, I have been asked to be a guest subject-matter-expert in a series of upcoming partner webinars. BTW – I met someone that worked with you previously; he immediately came up after my presentation and said, ‘I can totally tell you worked with Patti…’ Your company’s brand is strong!

Patti’s attention to detail–to the little things–makes the difference between good and great. The way that she communicates those little things back to me made such a huge difference in getting my message across!!

Thank you for the excellent training materials you created for the virtual presenting. They provided the perfect framework for developing my presentation and gave me much-needed help!

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