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Nancy Oberst

Education and Nonprofit Coaching

Location: Omaha, NE

Unlimited source of wisdom and experience for every season of life Guides intuitively with flow, ease, and possibility Zeros in on under utilized and misunderstood talent

Unlimited source of wisdom and experience for every season of life Guides intuitively with flow, ease, and possibility Zeros in on under utilized and misunderstood talent

Offerings as a WYLD Guide

  • Coaching
  • Select Workshops and Retreats


Nancy has been developing the genius and gifts of others for 40+ years. Her career began as a special education teacher and continued on to include being the Principal of four public schools and Director of Elementary Education in Omaha, Nebraska. Her rich roots in child development carries into her leadership coaching and workshop facilitation; she creates a sense of acceptance and safety that draws out curiosity and exploration, resulting in transformative experiences for the most dynamic of people. Nancy was recruited to work for Gallup’s Education Practice to bring Positive Psychology into education systems nationwide and after 5+ years of successfully creating Strengths-Based Schools and Districts, she shifted her focus to business consulting. Nancy taught the CliftonStrengths Certification course - she is the teacher’s teacher and a true master of the “train the trainer” model.

Nancy met Kristin Meek, founder of WYLD, when working at Gallup - they were instant kindreds and still are. One night after a long day of teaching a strengths course together in Austin, TX, Nancy looked up from taking a sip of wine and said to Kristin, “one day, I wanna work at your company”... and it was so.


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  • Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Gallup
  • M.C.C, International Coaching Certification
  • M.A. in Educational Leadership, University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • B.A. in Education, University of Nebraska-Omaha
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  • 500+ Strengths Workshops

  • 12+ years as a Learning and Development Consultant, Gallup 
  • Senior Education Consultant, Gallup
  • Director of Elementary Education, Omaha Public Schools
  • Principal, Dr. JP Lord School 
  • Principal, Pawnee Elementary, Jackson Elementary, and Liberty Elementary 
  • Special Education Supervisor, Visually Impaired and Homebound Programs

Recent clients

Cohort of Founders at a
Climate Science Incubator

Senior Director at
Education Nonprofit

Administration Team at a
Public Charter School


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  • Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés
  • Parker Palmer books
  • Brené Brown books
  • Thich Nhat Hanh books
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Tune into the sounds around you. During a coaching call, you will often find me outside where you can hear my wind chimes in the background!

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  • Gallup’s Q-12 engagement survey
  • Astrology / Tarot
  • A positive outlook is fundamental to growth

I end every coaching call with Nancy feeling more confident, supported, and re-energized than I thought possible before the session began. I’m dealing with significant levels of stress trying to build a purpose-driven company from the ground up and “burn out” doesn’t even seem like extreme enough language for how I feel most of the time. Nancy helps me both see the bigger picture and explore granular tactics that make a big difference in the way I move through every day.

Nancy is an incredibly gifted facilitator. She has an extensive yet fluid knowledge base in workplace engagement research, partnership dynamics, and behavior change. Her style is kind and soothing while being passionate, purposeful, and direct. She inspired us to dig deep, lean into the work, and leave with real tactics for what to do with this new information. I took so much away from this experience.

My life has forever changed because of Nancy. She is like the mom, sister, and grandmother I never had and always wanted. She wraps you in a cozy hug while also giving you real talk. I always feel seen. I always feel like I know what to do after I get off the phone with her. She spots my potential so clearly I sometimes feel like she knows me better than I know myself. So incredibly grateful for her as a coach and as a human being in the world.

The Strengths virtual workshop was a truly eye-opening experience for me. It helped me identify my strengths and understand how to use them in a way that is true to me. Maybe even more importantly, I learned how to teach others about my talents and how best to interact with the Strengths of my coworkers.

I think having completed the strengths workshop our colleagues are showing that they have a new found awareness of these skills and more importantly a newfound belief in their own abilities because they have a more defined role in our teams. THANK YOU NANCY! We could not have gotten here without you.

As someone who has difficulty with honest and personal dialogue especially in a professional environment, I find sessions like this intimidating. Nancy made it easy. She made it almost a no-brainer to go there. Part of the way through the workshop I realized how open I had been and surprised myself. I saw how it impacted the people around me in a positive way. Now, I am more willing to trust my teammates and ask for help.

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