Our mission is
to draw out the unique greatness in people

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We grew with a purpose in mind

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature and the instinctual resources to build the life you want, WYLD is about learning to see and feel what’s already within you. Undomesticated, free, autonomous, and creative, WYLD serves people of all ages, backgrounds, and industries. We are here to support anyone who wants to grow and live a more intentional, fulfilling life.


WYLD is about finding the internal compass within yourself or your business. It is about quieting society’s chaos and incessant chatter that influence us to steer our lives or businesses according to cultural expectations, norms, and pacing.


WYLD is here to change the way people work and live.

Our core values

These are the foundational building blocks for every WYLD experience.


We provide frameworks, maps, and “milestones” so you can learn and grow in a practical way.

Navigational teaching is simple and application-based. We help you stock your toolkit and tap into the innate compass within your head, heart, and gut.


People learn by doing, sharing, and practicing. Retaining knowledge happens when the five senses are utilized.

Our curriculum engages “beginner’s mind” and novelty to boost creativity and innovation. Not knowing what to expect reveals our instincts and strengths.


WYLD customizes curriculum to your individual goals. For team experiences, we design learning around collective aspirations and interests.

We don’t believe in standardization – no individual or business is alike. We spend time understanding the DNA of our clients and tailor our services accordingly.


Everything we need to know about growth, healing, business, and relationships can be taught by nature.

Cyclical, purposeful, rhythmic, evolving, organic, paradoxical, Mother Nature is the original entrepreneur.


Balance is not a destination or an obtainable metric, but rather the management of competing needs and values. Our curriculum is rooted in duality and harmony.

Scientific + Intuitive
Masculine + Feminine
Known + Unknown
Doing + Being
Logical + Conceptual


WYLD’s educational approach to leadership development

How we build the best learning experience


We start with our values. These are our foundational building blocks that ensure what you learn sticks for the long-term.


We spend time understanding your unique challenges and goals and build a custom strategy accordingly.


We then collaborate with you to select learning areas and tools that most effectively address your objective.


Finally, we select activities to bring those learning areas to life in a fun and engaging way that works best for you / your team.

Our values.

WYLD experiences are completely customized to your needs and goals

If two companies approached us with a similar challenge — like building a strengths-based team — their sessions would look completely different. Your team’s goals, culture, and daily reality create the alchemy that ultimately guides your unique, WYLD experience.

Our learning areas

These educational themes and tools reflect our “left + right brain” approach that both leverages cutting edge scientific research and taps into ancient wisdom traditions from around the world.



This is a Gallup behavioral assessment that reveals the primary neurological pathways in our brain tied to our innate talents. Knowing how to name, claim, tame, and aim these strengths leads to improved performance, efficiency, and well-being for individuals and teams alike.

Sample Activity: Strengths Speed Chats


Neuroscience & Brain Mapping

A focus area of any WYLD teaching is using the brain as a tool to understand how we respond to our environment. By knowing how our brains are wired and activated we can create new, positive pathways in order to intentionally direct our thinking, especially in moments of stress, pressure, or anxiety.

Sample Activity: Musical Tour of the Brain


Leadership Frameworks

From Angeles Arrien, Don Clifton, Kim Scott, Jim Collins, Barbara Frederickson, Daniel Pink, and Jose Stevens to the Coaching Training Institute and Harvard Business Review, we blend many philosophies and studies of leadership into our teachings.

Sample Activity: The Power of Moments


Management Training

Much of WYLD’s wisdom is influenced by the 40+ years of Gallup’s research and consulting in workplace performance, leadership, management, talent selection and analytics, employee engagement, well-being, entrepreneurship, and education.

Sample Activity: Q12 Drivers of Engagement


Positive Psychology

Our work applies the research and practice of PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments. This field is the “scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels that include the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural, and global dimensions of life.”

Sample Activity: Recognition Partners


The Wisdom of Nature

The cycles of mother nature can teach us everything we need to know about business, leadership, innovation, healing, adaptation, and balance. We adopt the belief that our body and brain are nurtured best in the great outdoors.

Sample Activity: Nature Scavenger Hunt


Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Some of the rituals and exercises we embrace are not “new” as this is shared wisdom found in indigenous cultures around the world. We honor the passed down knowledge of our elders and the generations before us who lived in alignment with mother nature.

Sample Activity: The Four Directions of the Compass



Communication is the key to our success in any environment. We help you own your unique voice and learn to articulate your strengths, needs, and point of view with intention while adapting to the audience or situation at hand.

Sample Activity: Narration Through Imagery


Intuitive Horsework

Horses serve as a mirror, providing instant feedback to our body language, non-verbal communication, and energetic impact. They aid us in understanding the tone and atmosphere we create as leaders.

Sample Activity: Meet the Herd


Creative Arts

Art is learning by doing. It’s experiential, multi-sensorial education at its best. Offering a chance to break out of our “need to know” brains, creative art can spark our imagination, a fresh perspective, and a sense of joy and play.

Sample Activity: Painting the Company Dream



Taking a 360-degree lens of what it means to thrive, our teachers blend a mind, body, heart approach to growth. How we eat, sleep, move, think, and socialize filter the way we experience our days. We teach health as an interconnected system and guide the integration of holistic self-care.

Sample Activity: Sound Bath

The beech tree text

We live in a way that honors our true North

Quote.The WYLD experience really enforces an understanding of where you are in your leadership destiny (personally and professionally). The WYLD team does an amazing job of bringing the human element to business decision making and process.

The WYLD experience really enforces an understanding of where you are in your leadership destiny (personally and professionally). The WYLD team does an amazing job of bringing the human element to business decision making and process.

They help you to articulate where you are in a particular problem or journey and reinforce the importance of naming where you are and accepting the feelings that come along with that. The WYLD curriculum enforces having a strong sense of self but also having an equally strong sense of others, specifically your coworkers. The WYLD way is an amazing way to be!er understand how you and those you work & live with operate. Quote.

- VP Team Retreat Participant

Where it all began — our story


It all started with a little girl who had a profound appreciation for nature and an uncanny ability to recognize the gifts of all living beings.

Twenty years later our founder, Kristin Meek, combined her passion for the West with her school and work experiences in the East - from Gallup consulting to positive psychology and thousands of hours of executive coaching.


WYLD was founded in 2013 as a retreat company based in Wyoming - where the Gregory family have a working cattle ranch.

The idea was simple: let's explore the metaphors of nature-based activities and their application to everyday leadership.

Our work resonated so deeply with our earliest participants - they wanted more ways to incorporate the WYLD Way into their lives. So we evolved to become a holistic consultancy offering coaching, workshops (both in-person and virtual), and retreats all over the country. We serve leaders at all levels and in a broad range of industries.


Like any great idea, our name was born on a napkin.

It honors the working cattle ranch where we designed our first experiential classroom — Wyoming (WY) + LeaDership (LD) = WYLD. We’re spelled a bit differently, and we like that; it’s a reminder that there’s no one way or right way.


WYLD represents a belief that the natural world can reveal the true nature of our leadership — our potential and our impact.

WYLD examines and expands upon the belief that each individual possesses a gift that uniquely serves a purpose in the word purpose.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."
- Mark Twain

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We have a female founder and we are a female-led collective.

Just like Mother Earth! 


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