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Every great leader has a sounding board

Leadership can be a lonely path; leaning on a trusted advisor is essential. WYLD executive coaching is like a mental and emotional ping pong match - we return the service and challenge you to up your game.

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You are the expert, we are your guide

The healthiest and most successful people choose an effective sounding board to help them navigate the important elements of their life and career. A great career coach guides you to uncover and act upon the answers already within you.

WYLD coaching is defined by objectivity, personalization, and measurable growth tied to action and accountability.

Why invest in executive coaching

So many managers are promoted into their position based on their recognized talent as individual contributors. Often, they have never managed another employee prior to this promotion and suddenly find themselves in charge of more than their own work - without the training and guidance necessary to succeed. Even c-suite leaders may find themselves at the top without the resources and support they would have benefited from along the way to optimize their performance.

WYLD coaching begins with deepening each leader's self-awareness and ownership of their distinct talent profile. From there we build an authentic approach to managing others based on their individual needs and drivers. The result? Increased leadership confidence, time spent in peak performance, and employee engagement.

“70% of the variance in team engagement

is determined solely by the manager"

The benefits of executive coaching and sample packages

"It isn't until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job... and to build better relationships and be a better teammate. And to feel like they are improving every single day." - Gallup



Some Reasons to Invest in Executive Coaching

Educate your leaders on the key principles of leading and managing a team


Level up your leaders to maximize their talents, performance, well-being, and impact


Provide a neutral space to step into bigger picture visioning and problem solving


Break down silos to build connective tissue between departments and leadership tiers


Create a common positive language that improves your company culture, collaboration and productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line

What Your Engagement Could Look Like

360 feedback coaching

package starts at $1,600 per leader for 3 sessions

Coaching tied to a WYLD team event

starts at $200 per 60-minute call

Coaching tied to a development program

(ex. quarterly workshops with coaching in between) starts at $200 per 60-minute call

Packages with a set # of sessions per leader

price depends on volume of calls

6 months of ongoing coaching

starts at $5,000 per leader for on demand services


Individual Leaders

Some Reasons to Invest in Executive Coaching

Sharpen your leadership skills with intensive, intentional focus and the support of a seasoned sounding board


Debate real-time challenges with an outside voice to broaden your field of vision and take decisive action


Prepare for professional transitions, crucial presentations, tough conversations, and tricky politics through tactical dialogue


Refill your own cup with much needed recognition and personalized support that is often in short supply for senior leaders

What Your Engagement Could Look Like

CEO coaching

custom packages based on your goals, timeline, and cadence

360 feedback coaching

package starts at $1,600 per leader for 3 sessions

10 pack of 60-minute sessions

starts at $2,000

6 months of ongoing coaching

starts at $5,000 per leader for on demand services

1-off sessions as needed

starts at $300 per 60-minutes

Partner and group coaching

starts at $1,200 for one individual call per leader and one 90-minute group workshop
follow up calls start at $350 per 60-minute group session

Some common leadership tools and topics we navigate with you



Articulating and owning your talents to optimize your unique contributions, collaborative capabilities, and energy management.


360 Feedback

Gathering key insights from trusted advisors and co-workers to broaden your professional respective and specify your growth plan.


Peak Performance and Resilience

Learning the key of principles of stress management and practicing faster recovery to improve your resilience and position yourself for peak performance.


Leadership and Management Frameworks

Learning of scientific tools like the 12 most productive drivers of employee engagement, leaders will marry instinct with intentionally for optimal results.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Learning what it means to create a culture that welcomes, gives voice to, and offers a sense of belonging to diverse perspectives.


Principles of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learning the essential ingredients to giving and receiving feedback and developing a personalization approach to set the conversation up for success and create a lasting impact.


Team Culture Building

Establishing connective tissue the breaks down silos, increases awareness, and builds a level of trust crucial to a group's success.


Partner and Group Coaching

Pairing 2 or more coworkers with 1 WYLD career coach to enhance a positive partnership, address a challenge area directly, develop a growth plan, deepen awareness and acceptance, increase effective collaboration and employee engagement.


A small proportion of the workforce tends to drive a large proportion of organizational results

Workforce Percentage

Organizational Output

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Chart Bottom
Source: Harvard Business Review

How would your team benefit?

With focused WYLD coaching, we accelerate growth for your top performers. Talented employees are force multipliers who:


Shape peak performance bars for colleagues

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Teach winning behaviors

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Boost other team members’ performance by 5 — 15%

For senior leadership roles, the contribution of top performers is more than double that of the average performer.

An example of our structured approach for senior leaders and group coaching


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The Goal

To understand individual development goals from both the coachee and stakeholder’s perspective.

The Process


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The Goal

To share and collaborate on key focus areas for the coaching engagement to ensure accountability and transparency.

The Process


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The Goal

10 confidential, customized hours of 1-on-l coaching during which different tools and strategies will be introduced to help the coachee address areas of opportunity.

The Process


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The Goal

Debrief the delta, review progress and performance, and discuss a sustainable action plan.

The Process

Get started with WYLD

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Schedule a discovery call to share your goals and get to know the WYLD way.

Vector (40)

Review a customized proposal based on your leader's / team's specific needs.

Vector (40)

Sign a WYLD coaching contract and get the engagement underway.

Vector (40)

Set up the desired coaching cadence and book time with your WYLD Guide.

Vector (40)

If applicable to your coaching package, align on key themes along the way with your company stakeholders + WYLD Guide.

Vector (40)

If applicable to your coaching package, participate in a debrief call upon project completion with your stakeholders and WYLD Guide to create an action and accountability plan.

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Now you may be wondering, is business coaching actually worth the investment?

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Common questions about WYLD coaching

What is your standard approach to coaching?

We don’t have one. Everything we do is customized around your business culture, leadership dynamics, unique strengths and challenges - which together create sharper objectives. We lean on signature tools like CliftonStrengths and stress science in order to ground the engagement in cutting edge data and build a common positive and actionable language. That foundation, as well as what we layer on top, varies based on who you are and where you’re headed.

What does a typical coaching engagement look like?

Our apologies for being redundant, but no two engagements look the same! It’s all tailored to your goals, budget, desired time frame, etc. 

Some coaching is a set # of sessions designed to stretch and maximize your development dollars. Some engagements are ongoing in order to dig into meaty objectives and support a group of leaders longer term. 

Executives and rising leaders looking to make big strides in their development often sign up for 6 months of ongoing coaching. Some reasons are to:

  • truly commit to improving how they lead and manage others 
  • proactively get ahead of issues as they arise
  • learn tangible techniques to increase their time in peak performance and recover faster from stress
  • lean on an advisor to navigate tricky management situations and prepare for hard conversations

What level of leadership do you work with?

All levels. We most often work with rising leaders from the director level up as well as C-suite executives and partners.

What are the benefits of WYLD coaching?

Individual leaders leave with:

  • A sharper articulation of their unique strengths, needs, and contributions which leads to improved expectation setting, communication and collaboration, energy management, productivity and engagement 
  • A better understanding of how to use stress to their advantage for peak performance and optimal tone setting for others
  • A deeper appreciation for feedback - how to give and receive it in a productive and action-oriented manner 
  • A higher level of confidence in where they shine as leaders and a strategic plan for how to address their gap areas
  • A suite of tools and tactics to improve their ability to tailor their management style around the unique motivators and skills of their direct reports and peers 
  • A higher level of energy and well-being at work

Teams leave with:

  • The common positive language of CliftonStrengths which leads to a higher degree of appreciation for diverse talent, more intentional and effective collaboration, ownership of collective power house talent and gap areas, improved energy and well-being
  • The common positive language of WYLD’s stress science that leads to a higher degree of compassion for typical challenges, improved collective resilience, and a reinvigorated commitment to peak performance 
  • A break down of silos that comes from group learning about leadership principles that serve as culture building values 
  • A fun and thought provoking space away from the day-to-day to recharge and broaden their perspective so they can dive back into work with more energy, enthusiasm, and intentionality

What are some key consideration for leaders looking to invest in coaching?

Fit - find the right coach that creates the space for vulnerability, challenges your perspective, holds you accountable to your growth goals, collaborates with you to uncover tangible action steps, and celebrates your wins so even the loneliest leaders at the top receive much needed recognition.

Commit - be ready to put in what you want to get out of this engagement. WYLD coaches bring sharp expertise and a wealth of wisdom to the table, but ultimately you are the expert on you and it’s up to you to do the work. We will work with you to determine the best pace to support your development. 

Open your mind - come in with a blank slate mentality no matter if you have experienced coaching before. We weave in a mix of many learning modalities - the more open you can be, the more you will take with you!

Meet some of our WYLD Guides

Our coaches have years of experience in a range of fields. From certified Strengths coaches to stress and resilience experts, we can find the right coach for you / your team.

Hannah Robinson

Executive Coaching

Location: Larchmont, NY

Jessica Dawson

Business and Sales Coaching

Location: Chicago, IL

Chelsea Gentry


Women's Leadership and Wellness Coaching

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Andrea Weinfurter M.S.

Rising Leaders Coaching

Location: San Francisco, CA

As a seasoned leader working in both corporate and scaling start up environments, Kristin’s get it factor is tremendous. She can assess the macro culture of a workplace while also zeroing in on specific individuals and their talent dynamics. She has made me a better manager and a truly better communicator, even my spouse has commented. She has a holistic lens, nothing is off the table, and I always leave our sessions with clear takeaways of how to experiment and implement some things to optimize myself at work and often even at home. I am refreshed, refocused, and reset each time we connect. 

Caroline has been a game changer for our team! We have been able to unpack individual strengths and learn how to leverage them, have difficult conversations, and provide dedicated follow-up coaching where needed. Caroline is able to come in and cater every session to meet the needs of the group she is working with and refocus and align with the strategic goals of the organization. She also works with our people leaders to make sure they are operating in their strengths and continue to reinforce the messaging with their teams.

I end every coaching call with Nancy feeling more confident, supported, and re-energized than I thought possible before the session began. I’m dealing with significant levels of stress trying to build a purpose-driven company from the ground up and “burn out” doesn’t even seem like extreme enough language for how I feel most of the time. Nancy helps me both see the bigger picture and explore granular tactics that make a big difference in the way I move through every day.

– Coaching client
– Workshop participant and coaching client
– Coaching client
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