The healthiest and most successful people choose an effective sounding board to help them navigate the important elements of their life and career. We believe great coaching is defined by objectivity, personalization, and measurable growth tied to action and accountability. WYLD coaching guides you to uncover and act upon the answers already within you.


Strengths Feedback & Analysis

During this session, we walk you through your StrengthsFinder profile to:

  • identify how your strengths show up in various environments (work, school, home, social settings)
  • articulate the genius of your strengths, how they contribute and what they need to thrive
  • aim your talent towards specific goals or areas of growth
"Working with Kristin is engaging, encouraging, and empowering. She has a deep understanding of StrengthsFinder with the insight and ability to make the data personally meaningful. Her guidance allowed me to build an authentic connection to purpose and discover the best path to meaning and success. Knowing my strengths and experiencing her coaching has been an important foundation for creating excellence, culture, and the best user experience for my customers.  It's a joy to explore abundance and possibility with Kristin." - Molly Matthews



Intensive sessions designed like a laboratory for analysis, experimentation, and ongoing discovery. Our achieving, mission-driven clients often come to us when in transition or seeking greater clarity, confidence, and purpose. It’s coaching with high demand and high reward.

We use many developmental modalities to:

  • name, claim, tame and aim your talents and values
  • learn to trust and develop your intuition
  • understand the impact of the brain and nervous system
  • design sustainable rituals and practices for performance and well-being
  • expand emotional vocabulary and effectiveness
  • architect new pathways and perspectives
  • create inner toolkit to better navigate transition, stress, distraction, pressure and chaos
    "What I have loved about working with Kristin is her unique combination of academic training and professional experience, with her own intuitive wisdom. Always thoughtful and empathetic, Kristin creates a safe space to foster growth and change. Through Kristin’s coaching I have come to know myself more deeply and seen concrete benefits in both my personal and professional life." - Kelly Ingraham

    POWER OF 2

    This 90 minute session is designed for two people to better understand, appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths. Co-founders, couples and close friends benefit from a guided exploration of what each individual brings to the partnership and needs to be their best. Focused on application, the Power of 2 coaching session enhances the productivity and performance of a partnership. 

    "The Power of Two coaching gave us the ability to prioritize and strategize together during a major transition. Kristin provided a safe space for us to learn about each others strengths and asked the necessary questions to set us up for success." - Haley Aubrey, Inner Light



      An in-person, immersive experience in nature customized to your learning style, needs, and personal and professional objectives. Think of this as a mini one-on-one retreat that involves:

      • strategic goal setting
      • strengths exploration
      • brain mapping
      • mind, body, heart connection (meditation, visualization, qi gong)
      • creativity & art
      • the wisdom of nature

      "This coaching retreat is the wake up call to your life.  It allows you the space to be with yourself and listen to your inner strength surrounded by the magnificent beauty and wisdom of nature.  WYLD uses powerful exercises to combine the mind, body, and heart creating meaningful breakthroughs and a-has.  One. Tiny. Step. At. A. Time. The curriculum teaches you to stay in the discomfort to create personal growth and let go of beliefs that no longer serve you, practices that you can use in the daily experiment of life.  Re-discover your true power and magic from this personal and intensive reboot." - Kassie Jorgenson



      Ongoing sessions guiding a student’s transition into college or the working world. The choices we make in our twenties often guide the next decades of our lives. The transition of becoming more independent is an important time to have a guide for mindful choices and accountability.

      We use many developmental modalities to support your confidence and clarity in:

      • college choice: finding the right fit for your goals, talents, interests, social needs etc
      • job choice: identifying and aligning to the right industries, environments and roles
      • selling yourself: accurately articulating your value add in interviews, essays, resumes etc.
      • self care: creating healthy patterns of stress management and well being
      “I’ve had many mentors and teachers but none have struck a chord like Kristin. She knows exactly how to combine her deep expertise, warm personality and broad network to guide you to your best path. Kristin has opened doors for me that I didn’t think were possible." - Nico Jochnick