WYLD Mamas - Sherman Oaks, CA

WYLD Mamas - Sherman Oaks, CA


Jan 26, 2019, 10am - 2pm | Sherman Oaks, CA

Gather together to reflect on your well-being and personal goals both as a mom and as a powerful woman in the world. This workshop is specifically designed to help you understand your brain’s changes during motherhood (“mom brain”), deepen your mind-body connection, and create much deserved space for you to re-charge.


Join Tara Eddy and Hannah Baker at our first California WYLD Mamas Workshop, focused on intentionality - how we can be more thoughtful about our emotional / energetic states and how we can best articulate and honor those needs. At the heart of this session is the idea of what great motherhood is to each of us. What does that definition look like and how can we own and protect it more effectively? At this workshop, we will explore the science and emotional impact of our “mom brains,” so we can develop strategies for intentional recovery and closer alignment with our vision of great motherhood. This inspirational and reflective experience will be hosted at Tara’s home in Sherman Oaks. Lunch is included.

WYLD Mamas is a seasonal series led by Kelly Ingraham in CT and is now expanding to other WYLD teachers across the country. No matter the location, each workshop uses WYLD curriculum and experts in the field of wellness, leadership, and psychology. These workshops are customized around the role of the mother. It is inclusive to anyone, any age, who identifies with the role of nurturing and growing others aka: caring for and teaching children, grandchildren, godchildren, parents, pets, or nature.

Our goal is to curate meaningful time and craft a sanctuary-like classroom for “WYLD Mamas” to learn from and teach one another. The role of the mother tends to be one where you set the tone for many other people’s lives. Often reactionary, it is rare to find time to step back and realign yourself… Am I really designing and living my days in a way that meets the values and dreams I have or I once had?

Each workshop will be centered on a theme or topic that activates the mind, body, and soul. Our journey and evolution is not linear. WYLD Mamas provides the touchstones, the pause button, and the community as you design the professional and personal life you seek most.


One of the myths around motherhood is that we have to do all the things and be all the things to all the people in our lives. Our “busyness” culture leads to burnout, overwhelm and is essentially setting ourselves up for failure. Breaking this pattern and learning to protect our own energy is essential to cultivating greater well-being and self-compassion, in addition to healthier relationships with loved ones. In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of being more intentional with our emotions and actions, and the ways we can learn this from the natural world. You will walk away from the day with a deeper understanding of who you are as a mother and how to protect your values.


  • Take a musical tour of your brain

  • Learn the keys to neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to re-wire itself

  • Understand the science behind “mom brain” and the myth of multi-tasking

  • Gain an understanding of the brain’s negativity bias & how to work with it

  • Become witness to your own survival "fight or flight" patterns and learn how to navigate back to a place of creativity and focus

  • Map your brain for empathy, patience and productivity – no matter how challenging the situation

  • Redesign your definition of what motherhood means and how to hold this in your daily life

  • Create community and connection with other wise Mamas


Join us from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, January 26. Gift yourself four hours to intentionally remember who you are as a wise woman and mom.