Our Team

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Kristin Meek | Founder & CEO

Maximizer | Individualization | Empathy | Activator | Strategic

  • Duke University - BA Psychology
  • University of Pennsylvania - Masters of Applied Positive Psychology
  • Gallup Organization - Selection Analyst, Strengths Coach & Facilitator, Curriculum Designer
  • Coaching Training Institute - 300+ hours
  • Coached 2,000+ individuals 
  • Advised 100+ management teams
  • Loves great questions, Mary Oliver, and fly-fishing

As a teacher and coach, Kristin tailors each coaching session, offsite or retreat to a client's unique goals and strengths. Prior to WYLD, Kristin had a decade long career at Gallup, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, universities, and public school districts across the country. Additionally, Kristin served as Director of The Clifton Foundation, which focuses on identifying and developing the strengths of young people. Kristin has led over 2,000 people to know and grow their talents towards their purpose and pursuit of happiness. She has worked with organizations to build cultures where teams increase their engagement and productivity through maximizing individuals' strengths and values. Kristin lives in Virginia with her husband, dog, horses, llamas, and chickens.


Hannah Baker | Creative Director & WYLD Guide

Communication | Connectedness | Positivity | Empathy | Activator

  • Middlebury College, BA Psychology / Sociology
  • SVA, Masters in Branding
  • People development / human behavior focused career - former hospitality manager & brand consultant

Kalli Simon | Director of Operations

Responsibility | Relator | Strategic | Command | Intellection

  • George Washington University, BA Organizational Behavior
  • Strategy + operations / behavioral economics – background: Deloitte, tech startup / Waldorf education
  • Personal trainer, rock climber, knitter



Susan holgate

Empathy | Connectedness |  Activator |  Relator | Belief

  • 30+ yrs on Wall Street
  • Strategic Director for Earth Institute, Columbia University  
  • Expertise in Geology, Anthropology & Peruvian Indigenous Wisdom
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Alexandra Crosswell, PH.D

Input | Futuristic | Learner | Intellection | Strategic

  • Doctorate in Health Psychology, UCLA
  • Psychological Scientist at UCSF Medical Center
  • Leading expert in stress, resilience, & health
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Kelly Lynch

Strategic | Responsibility| Self-Assurance |Ideation | Connectedness

  • Former Executive at Exxon Mobile 
  • Certified CTI Coach
  • Expertise in Neuroscience, Ecology & Leadership Development 



grant Gregory

Futuristic | Individualization | Achiever | Responsibility| Maximizer

  • Sales and Financial Advisor 
  • Expertise in Accounting, Business Development, Sales, Ranching, Leadership & Ethics  ~Hunting, Fishing, Business Planning, Nature Conservation,

Morgan Gregory

Maximizer | Arranger | Positivity | Relator | Strategic

  • Innovation and Experience Advisor 
  • Expertise in Customer Service, Operations, Events, Management ~ Golf, Hunting, Fishing

Connie Rath, ph.d

Analytical | Maximizer | Individualization | Relator | Arranger

  • Talent and People Advisor 
  • Expertise in workplace performance metrics, Gallup analytics, strengths based life design