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Here are the articles, books, and podcasts we have selected for this month’s theme:
The Heart. 

1. The Science of the Heart

The HeartMath Institute has researched the energetic and emotional impact of the heart for over 25 years. Read here to learn about the fundamentals of the heart-brain connection, the significance of your heart rate variability, the relationship between your heart and your emotions, and the importance of coherence (psychological and physiological harmony) to your overall well-being.

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2. Advice for a Healthy Relationship

The Gottman Institute has developed a research-based approach to relationships and offers advice based on what they have learned over the years. One suggestion? Pursuing your partner at every stage of the relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together. Read the article here.

“And they lived happily ever after.” Disney’s multi-billion dollar industry thrives on [the idea that marriage is a destination]. The message is spoon fed to us as children, and reverberated throughout our culture. It’s confusing when our own romantic experiences fail to live up to this standard, which they almost always do.

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3. Making Time for Your Loved Ones Count

In today’s consumer culture where there’s always more content to experience or messages to respond to, we can really struggle to find the time to slow down and connect with those we’re closest with – away from our phones. This recent New York Times article argues the most meaningful relationships require face-to-face interactions to thrive and offers a few simple offline exercises to try.

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4. Managing Transitions

Organizational transitions can be heart-wrenching and emotionally taxing – and they affect employees within the organization most. This book argues that the best way to navigate those changes and minimize stress on your employees is to give them a purpose, a clear plan, and a role in the transition so they can feel more connected to the new reality.


5. The Heart Benefits of Owning a Dog

This quick read lays out the benefits from decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease to lowering blood pressure. Read it here.


6. The Anatomy of Trust

This Super Soul podcast with Brene Brown lays out the importance of trust and the tiny moments where it is earned or lost. According to her, it all comes down to “braving” – boundaries, reliability, accountability, vault, integrity, non-judgment, generosity.

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7. The Difficult Balance of Intimacy and Independence

In this quick read, Maria Popova ponders where the line is between self and partner and how best to maintain you personal identity when you’re in love.


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