Women Who Run with the Wolves - WYLD Wolf Farm, VA

Women Who Run with the Wolves - WYLD Wolf Farm, VA


Oct 20th, 2018, 10am - 3pm | WYLD Wolf Farm, VA

Join WYLD women for a day in nature to connect and re-center.

Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, Vandana Allman and Kristin Meek will lead you in a day of growth and reflection around finding your “compass” in an age of opportunity and distraction.

Learn a navigational framework inspired by neuroscience, Native American ritual, and positive psychology to better tap into your potential and purpose, and align your body, mind, and heart. Return home with strategies for living a more intentional and balanced life, defined by you.

This day is a simple catalyst for practicing an inside-out perspective as we learn more about our own true nature in Mother Nature.


What to Expect
The day is built around the framework of the compass with distinct learning themes and activities for each direction - the east, south, west, and north.

  • creative crafting - to get you into a state of play and possibility

  • tribe building - to help you identify and understand the social frameworks that support us best

  • brain exploration - to deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection and how it impacts effectiveness and wellbeing

  • ritual design - to help you intentionally apply your most powerful learnings of the day

What's Included
Meals and learning resources

"Women who Run with the Wolves exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be quality time with depth and delight and discovery. What I figured out that day and in many moments afterwards were the connections that this day introduced me to that are full of gratitude and grace. The combo of nature and neuroscience makes perfect sense together. Kristin and the WYLD Guides know that already and usher us into this journey with expertise and excellence. I am more aware, more accepting, and more curious after this day. I’m grateful for the precious time, the new humans that I know and admire, and the growth that was a perfect birthday gift to myself...."  -Women Who Run with the Wolves Participant, 2018