Strengths Saturday - WYLD Wolf Farm, VA

Strengths Saturday - WYLD Wolf Farm, VA


A workshop at WYLD Wolf Farm, designed to be a day of professional and personal discovery. Ideal for teammates, couples, and friends to achieve greater clarity, communication, and cohesion in their partnership.

Our experiential design is guiding by CliftonStrengths, a research-based tool designed to guide people towards their personal and professional excellence. Throughout the day, each participant will tap into and develop their Top 5 Strengths and how to best apply their talent towards the life and career they are crafting.


Our strengths are our guideposts to purpose, pathways to achievement, and sources of resilience. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 firms use CliftonStrengths to manage and maximize the diverse talent of their workplace. Playing to our strengths makes work and life more productive, energizing, and meaningful. This simple philosophy is not always so easily executed at work, at school, or in relationships. This retreat is for anyone seeking a day of reflection, connection, and clarity. Reserved for 12 people max.

Our WYLD Guides, Connie Rath Ph.D and Kristin Meek M.A.P.P., invite you to a day full of wonder and exploration in:

  • discovering how your strengths show up in various environments (work, school, home, relationships)

  • articulating the genius of your strengths to others

  • creating better partnerships at work and home

  • charging up your body and brain for optimal energy

  • managing your talent in times of stress or chaos

  • aiming your talent towards your goals and growth areas


  • CliftonStrengths Assessment Code (30 min online assessment to be taken by November 6th)

  • The world’s best talent analyst & wisdom keeper - Connie Rath (aka: proud mama of Tom Rath, daughter of Don Clifton, and meanest margarita maker on east coast)

  • Learning resources

  • Lunch, beverages & llamas