Maintenance is a must.

Opportunities to grow and learn are not just a “nice to have;” they are essential to our long term success and well-being. Our world is changing on a minute-to-minute basis. The way to navigate those shifts? Continuing to develop skills that help us adapt more effectively.

WYLD workshops inspire you to keep pushing towards new standards for excellence and joy.


Workshops for businesses


Intensive learning sessions designed to increase the self-awareness of your team, these events are typically 4-6 hours in a convenient location away from your day-to-day office reality.

Workshops for individuals


These experiences are more like mini-retreats that are easy to get to, always in an inspirational environment, and built for supportive, communal learning.



The learning approach that shapes our workshops

We always use a multi-disciplinary educational method that first anchors you in data or science and then expands your mind, body, and spirit through experiential exercises.

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Drivers of Engagement

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Upcoming events


Past Workshops