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Align your being with your doing

Gain new skills, improve your well-being, and get inspired. In the day-to-day hustle, it’s easy to fall into a flat routine running on autopilot. How do you break the pattern? Schedule time for yourself to press pause and accelerate self-awareness. Return home with a renewed perspective of what’s possible. 



Types of Workshops


Strengths Workshop

What: Our experiential design is guided by CliftonStrengths, a research-based tool designed to steer people towards their personal and professional excellence. Each participant will tap into and develop their Top 5 Strengths and learn how to best apply their talent towards the life and career they are crafting.

Where: All over the U.S. - check out our “upcoming events” or reach out to request one near you!

Who: This is particularly ideal for individuals or teammates seeking to achieve clarity in how to apply their talents towards greater purpose and stronger partnerships.

The Benefit:

• Discover how your strengths show up in various environments (work, school, home, relationships) and learn to articulate the genius of your strengths to others

• Create better partnerships at work and home

• Charge up your body and brain for optimal energy

• Learn to manage your talent in times of stress or chaos

• Practice aiming your talent towards your goals and growth areas


WYLD Mamas Workshop

What: The mission of this workshop series is to create time and space that provides meaningful reflection and connection for mothers of all kinds. Our WYLD Mamas come together to learn from and teach one another.

Where: A sanctuary-like classroom and women’s circle in Norwalk, CT, Fairfax Station, VA, and Los Angeles CA, each experience is designed around a different theme.

Who: Anyone, any age, who identifies with the role of nurturing and growing others - aka: caring for and teaching children, godchildren, parents, pets, or nature.

The Benefit:

• Enjoy intentional space to press pause and focus on your own needs

• Take advantage of scheduled time to reimagine your personal and professional life in a way that better honors the type of caregiver and person you strive to be

• Create community and connection with other WYLD mamas

• Walk away with frameworks and touchstones to continue practicing realistic self-care strategies that work with your daily reality


Women Who Run With The Wolves

What: Think of this as a local, mini retreat without the hassle of travel or logistics. WWRWTW is a one day intensive of mindful activities inspired by the science and wisdom of nature.

Where: All over the U.S. - check out our “upcoming events” or reach out to request one near you!

Who: Women - typically high-achieving professionals, moms, or all of the above

The Benefit:

• Gift yourself a day of introspection and reflection

• Learn simple ways to bring purpose, meaning, and ritual into your everyday hustle

• Reconnect to the inner child within through creativity, curiosity, art, and play

• Examine and revive the "containers" in your life -- the micro-ecosystems you design and spend time in (your home, work, family, body, brain)

• Share your story and learn from other powerful women



How to enroll in a workshop

  1. You can enroll directly to any workshop on our website by clicking “learn more” and “enroll” where prompted

  2. Have questions? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with a WYLD Guide and tell us about your goals

  3. Decide if we’re the right fit for you

  4. Purchase your WYLD workshop

  5. Receive more information directly from your WYLD Guides leading up to your event



What will you learn in a WYLD workshop?

Check out our growing list of educational tools and topics.

We also take requests for workshop themes! Reach out with your ideas and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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The Wisdom of Nature

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Positive Psychology

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Meet some of our WYLD Guides


Alexandra Crosswell


Kelly Ingraham


Tara Eddy


Our learning topics are built around the expertise of our teachers. From motherhood specialists to entrepreneur coaches and color therapists, our facilitators are selected according to the theme of your event.



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