A great team’s evolution is never complete.



Teams that learn together, perform together.

It’s an investment with a ripple effect. The teams and businesses that set themselves apart prioritize the development of their employees’ talent, skills, and well-being. WYLD workshops are designed to expand not only the individual, but also to lift up the collective as well.



What kind of businesses participate in WYLD Workshops?

The ones that see this investment as more than a morale boost, but rather a crucial strategy for employee engagement, productivity, efficiency and well-being, which in turn improves the bottom line.



How would your team benefit?

To improve your business, focus on the individual.

Through a highly-customized approach, the WYLD experience increases individual self-awareness and provides leaders with clear frameworks for success. The more skilled leaders become at leveraging their unique talents and growing their personal leadership styles, the greater the impact on the business as a whole.



How to schedule a WYLD workshop

  1. Schedule a discovery call to share your team goals and get to know the WYLD way

  2. Review a customized proposal based on your team’s specific needs

  3. Purchase your WYLD experience

  4. Collaborate on a design call to finalize event details and curriculum

  5. Participate in a debrief call after your WYLD experience to create a sustainable strategy and application plan around your team’s takeaways



What will your team learn during this workshop?

Explore our full range of learning tools.

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Leadership Development

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Drivers of Engagement



Meet some of our WYLD Guides


Swamy R.


Rebecca Aaron


Allyson Horne


Our teachers have a range of specialties. From certified Strengths coaches to neuroscience experts and business coaches, our facilitators are selected according to the goals and needs of our clients.



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