Connect and re-center with wise women who love nature and learning. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science,  two WYLD guides will lead you you in a day of growth and reflection around finding your “compass” in an age of opportunity and distraction.  Learn a navigational framework inspired by neuroscience, Native American traditions, and positive psychology to know and live your potential and purpose. Return home with strategies for living a more intentional and balanced life, defined by you.




• Gift yourself a day of introspection and reflection
• Learn simple ways to bring purpose, meaning, and ritual into your everyday hustle
• Reconnect to the inner child within through creativity, curiosity,  art, and play
• Examine and revive the "containers" in your life -- the micro-ecosystems you design and spend time in (your home, work, family, body, brain).

• Set intentions for your future - retune your voice, reclaim your power
• Practice letting go of thought patterns that no longer serve you or others you care about
• Share your story and listen to the stories of other women more like you than you might think
• Take a tour of your brain to better understand your personal stressors and healers in everyday life                                                    

Meals and learning resources included