Our mission is to draw out the
       unique greatness in people. 


WYLD guides teams and individuals in the intentional design of how they spend their time, use their talents, build a tribe, and personalize their environments. No matter the WYLD experience, our clients walk away with the navigational resources to maximize decision making and future growth.


Upcoming Retreats

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WYLD Mamas

OCTOber 20, 2018

Norwalk, CT

Reflect on your well-being and personal goals as a mom and a powerful woman in the world.


Women who run with the wolves

october 20, 2018

wyld wolf farm, VA

Use nature and ancient wisdom as a guide for reflection and connection to self and others. 

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November 10, 2018

WYLD Wolf Farm, VA

Gain clarity and confidence in owning, articulating, and aiming your talent towards your professional and personal goals. 

wyld west women

June 19 - 23, 2019

buffalo, WY

Five days built for personal & professional transformation in the Big Horn Mountains.


Retreats are the new vacation. In an age of overwhelming opportunity and distraction it’s easy to lose your sense of direction or experience burn out. WYLD retreats invite you to invest in yourself and address the inner challenges and goals you rarely have time for in your everyday life. Whether it is 5 hours or 5 days, WYLD creates a sanctuary and bootcamp for restoration, reflection, and learning.


Team Development

The most effective teams operate like a wolf pack. There are clear roles, a shared mission, and a unique way to communicate. The group adapts to changing circumstances swiftly and in sync. Leaders of these teams create a sense of security, trust, belonging, and hope. WYLD creates personalized experiences for teams to create their own language and compass for success.



The healthiest and most successful people choose an effective sounding board to help them navigate the important elements of their life and career. We believe great coaching is defined by objectivity, personalization, and measurable growth tied to action and accountability. WYLD coaching guides you to uncover and act upon the answers already within you.

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Share your growth goals and let us design a learning experience just for you.