The most effective teams operate like a wolf pack. There are clear roles, a shared mission, and a unique way to communicate. The group adapts to changing circumstances swiftly and in sync. Leaders of these teams create a sense of security, trust, belonging, and hope. WYLD creates personalized experiences for teams to create their own language and compass for success.

Our clients come to us for


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Workforce Well-being

Workplace Design

Brand Alignment

Start UP Strategy

Culture Building




Maximize the potential, purpose, and performance of your team. This is not your run-of-the-mill guru lead, lecture based team "training."  Expect a fun and creative experience that unites the genius and heartbeat of a team. WYLD creates personalized activities that help each individual articulate and aim their unique contribution to an organization's vision and value. 

Workshops are tailored to team goals and often include:

  • Why Strengths - Learning and growth discussion around the philosophy, science, and art of building a strengths-based culture
  • Individual Development -  Each team member has time and creative space to share how they understand and utilize their talent (past, present, and future)
  • Team Discovery & Delegation - Analysis of a team's collective strengths and strategic planning for how to best leverage and honor dominant and non-dominant talent patterns towards productivity and wellbeing
  • Action & Accountability - Develop a road map and assigning internal strengths advocates to lead strengths-based development opportunities in the future


Co-create a day of focused team building around specific learning needs and goals. Our offsites are thoughtfully crafted around a process for building sustainable growth.

Our custom offsites include:

  • Discovery and Customization - Set the objective, tonality, structure, and location of the offsite
  • Pre-coaching Strengths Development - Invest in each team member before a retreat to deepen understanding and ownership of their unique talents
  • Offsite Agenda - Select and sequencing activities that build towards the objective
  • Debrief - Review successes, establishing accountability and action steps

2 - 5 Day Retreat

Co-create an immersive experience for team unity, learning, and adventure. These transformative experiences are set in nature and informed by cutting-edge workplace research and ancient wisdom rituals.


  • Discovery and Customization - Create a lens that frames the objectives, tonality, structure, location and retreat experience
  • Pre-coaching Strengths Development - Invest in each team member before and during the retreat to deepen understanding and ownership of their unique talents
  • Retreat Itinerary - Design a thematic progression that thoughtfully paces the growth objectives each day, selecting activities and novel experiences that enhance social connection and education, designating individual vs team exercises to maximize results
  • Debrief - Review successes, establishing accountability and action steps 
  • Post-coaching Strengths Development - Continuous pulse checks with team members to continue momentum and evolution

Year-Long Learning & Development

Think of this as an outsourced Chief People Officer dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of the team. Quarterly workshops, off-sites and coaching are curated to prioritize a consistent focus on employee engagement, performance, and well being.


  • Talent selection and retention - Find the right fit for your culture and specific team deliverables, motivating and recognizing individuals based on unique contributions
  • Individual & team strength coaching - Name, claim, tame and aim talents and values
  • Measurable goal setting - Build a quarterly success metric and performance review system 
  • Health and well being - Create an employee toolkit of best practices to manage stress, distraction, pressure, and chaos in the office and beyond