Our values

These are the foundational building blocks for every WYLD experience.



We provide frameworks, maps, and “milestones” so you can learn and grow in a practical way. 

Navigational teaching is simple and
application-based. We help you stock your toolkit and tap into the innate compass within your head, heart, and gut.



People learn by doing, sharing, and practicing. Retaining knowledge happens when the five senses are utilized. 

Our curriculum engages “beginner’s mind” and novelty to boost creativity and innovation. Not knowing what to expect reveals our instincts and strengths.



WYLD customizes curriculum to your individual goals. For team experiences, we design learning around collective aspirations and interests. 

We don’t believe in standardization – no individual or business is alike. We spend time understanding the DNA of our clients and tailor our services accordingly.

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Everything we need to know about growth, healing, business, and relationships can be taught by nature.

Cyclical, purposeful, rhythmic, evolving, organic, paradoxical, Mother Nature is the original entrepreneur.

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Balance is not a destination or an obtainable metric, but rather the management of competing needs and values. Our curriculum is rooted in duality and harmony. 

Scientific + Intuitive
Masculine + Feminine 
Known + Unknown
Doing + Being
Logical + Conceptual 



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