The mirror is a reflection of what already is.


You are your greatest teacher.

Sustainable change comes from within. Ever ask someone for advice and then immediately realize you already know what’s right? That’s the power of your intuition, but it’s hard to hear in the noise of daily life. We’re here to ask the right questions and provide valuable frameworks that give you clarity and confidence in your choices.



Types of WYLD Coaching


Strengths Feedback & Analysis

What: During this session, we will walk you through your CliftonStrengths profile to help you name, claim, tame, and aim your unique talents.

How: First you will take the 25-30 minute online CliftonStrengths assessment, then we will set up a time to go over your results together.

Where: Over the phone.

Who: Individuals in a career transition and people looking to increase ownership of their unique talents by designing a more fulfilling, energetically sustainable approach to life.

The Benefits:

Name your strengths and identify how they show up in various environments (work, school, home, social settings)

Articulate and claim the genius of your strengths and how they contribute

Tame your strengths by understanding where they drain your energy and what they need to thrive

Aim your talent towards specific goals or areas of growth


Power of 2

What: This 90 minute session is designed for two people to better understand, appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths.

How: Each partner will be asked to take the 25-30 minute online CliftonStrengths assessment. We will then set up a time to go through your results as a group.

Where: Over the phone.

Who: Co-founders, co-workers, couples, and close friends benefit from a guided exploration of what each individual brings to the partnership and needs to be their best.

The Benefits:

Learn how to apply key insights around your partner’s strengths and the unique way he / she communicates

Recognize and practice accommodating the way your partner likes to approach responsibilities at home, work, or in social settings

Enhance the productivity and performance of a partnership by learning to delegate more effectively

Improve your understanding of one another which then increases trust and fosters cohesion


Half - Full Day

What: An in-person, immersive experience in nature customized to your learning style, needs, and personal and professional objectives. Think of this as a mini one-on-one retreat that involves a strengths exploration, brain mapping, mind / body / heart connection (meditation, visualization, qi gong, creativity & art, and the wisdom of nature.

Where: WYLD Wolf Farm in Fairfax Station VA. You can also check out our Guide page to find coaches in your area.

Who: Individuals in a personal or professional transition looking for an intensive development experience.

The Benefits:

Learn to use your strengths and emotions as maps for effectiveness and well-being

Develop strategies for stress recovery and improved resilience

Deepen your relationship with your intuition (that inner compass or guide)

Fill your energetic and emotional tank with a multi-dimensional learning experience designed to bring you joy

Walk away with an action plan that addresses your goals and intentions set at the beginning of the session


College to Career

What: Ongoing sessions guiding a student’s transition into college or the working world. The choices we make in our twenties often guide the next decades of our lives. The transition of becoming more independent is an important time to have a guide for mindful choices and accountability.

Where: Over the phone.

Who: High-school students, college students, recent graduates.

The Benefits:

Articulate your talents, interests, and the environments in which you thrive in a concise and compelling way

Identify the right school or job fit based on your goals, talents, interests, social and environmental needs

Sell yourself by communicating what you uniquely bring to the table in an interview, essay, resume, etc.

Create healthy patterns of stress management and self-care that will serve you well as you move forward in your education or career


Continuous Coaching

What: Intensive sessions designed like a laboratory for analysis, experimentation, and ongoing discovery. It’s coaching with high demand and high reward.

Where: Over the phone.

Who: Our achieving, mission-driven clients often come to us when in transition or seeking greater clarity, confidence, and purpose.

The Benefit:

Name, claim, tame, and aim your talents and values

Trust and develop your intuition

Develop and apply insights around the impact of your nervous system and your brain’s unique wiring

Design sustainable rituals and practices for performance and well-being

Expand emotional vocabulary and effectiveness

Create an inner toolkit to better navigate transition, stress, distraction, pressure and chaos moving forward



How to schedule WYLD coaching sessions

  1. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with a WYLD Guide and tell us about your goals

  2. Decide if we’re the right fit for you

  3. Purchase your coaching package

  4. Schedule calls directly with your WYLD Guide



What learning topics might shape your coaching calls?

Check out our range of learning tools and themes.

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Meet some of our WYLD Guides


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Our coaches have a range of specialties. We have certified Strengths coaches, motherhood specialists, business strategists, and more. Explore our Guide page to see which coach might be the right fit for you.



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