Every great leader has a sounding board


Invest in your top performers.

Who is the Eleanor to your President Roosevelt? The Antony to your Cleopatra? Leadership can be a lonely path; leaning on a trusted advisor is essential. WYLD coaches are like mental and emotional ping pong partners - we return the serve and challenge you to up your game. 



What kind of businesses engage in WYLD coaching?

Those that know a small percentage of their team is responsible for the majority of their organization’s success. Investing in those performers is not only important for retention and well-being, it’s crucial to their bottom line.



How would your team benefit?

With focused WYLD coaching, we accelerate growth for your top performers. Talented employees are force multipliers who:

  • Shape performance bars for colleagues

  • Teach winning behaviors

  • Boost other team members’ performance by 5 - 15%

For senior leadership roles the contribution of top performers is more than double that of the average performer.

Source:  HBR

Source: HBR



How to schedule WYLD coaching sessions

  1. Schedule a discovery call to share your team goals and get to know the WYLD way

  2. Review a customized proposal based on your team’s specific needs

  3. Purchase your WYLD coaching package

  4. After all coaching calls have been completed, participate in a debrief call to create a sustainable strategy and application plan around your business goals



What learning frameworks might guide your coaching calls?

Explore our full range of learning themes and tools.

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Drivers of Engagement

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Leadership Development

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Positive Psychology



Meet some of our WYLD Guides


Kristin Meek


Vandana Allman

Kelly Lynch.png

Kelly Lynch


Our coaches have years of experience in a range of fields. From certified Strengths coaches to stress and resilience experts, we can find the right coach for your team.


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