WYLD Women's Retreat in The New York Times

Reposted article from The New York Times.

We are thrilled to be mentioned in The New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2019 list! Coming in at #40 is Wyoming - where our WYLD West Women’s getaway will be this summer.

#40 of the 52 Places to Go in 2019 is WYOMING:  A sesquicentennial celebration of women’s suffrage in the Equality State.

#40 of the 52 Places to Go in 2019 is WYOMING: A sesquicentennial celebration of women’s suffrage in the Equality State.

In 1869, the Territory of Wyoming passed the first law in United States history granting women the right to vote — nearly 51 years before the 19th Amendment guaranteed the same entitlement to all American women. This year, visitors can celebrate the 150th anniversary of Wyoming women’s suffrage at the Wyoming House For Historic Women, which honors the first woman to officially cast a ballot in a general election, and 13 other trailblazing women in the state’s political history. The restored Capitol building (reopening midyear), Wyoming State Museum and Cowgirls of the West museum also feature exhibits and artifacts celebrating women’s history. In addition, a variety of all-female trips are on offer throughout the year including Women’s Wellness Pack Trips on horseback from Allen’s Diamond 4 Ranch, cattle herding and archery at the WYLD West Women retreat, Hike Like a Woman nature adventures and fly-fishing clinics at the Proud Wyoming Woman Retreat.

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Come discover your true nature with the support of other wise women. This is an adventure specifically designed to give you greater clarity and bring out your most powerful traits.

When & WHERE

June 19-23rd, 2019 at HF Bar Ranch.


Sample agenda


The East: Creativity & Novelty

On day 1, we may do some intuitive horsework to expand on our non-verbal communication and better understand our energetic impact.

The South: Collaboration & Structure

Day 2 may include cattle herding to observe our teamwork, communication, and management instincts in action.

The West: Vision & Discernment

On day 3, we may go fly fishing to examine our definitions of success, resilience, and our mind-body connection.

The North: Introspection & Action

On day 4, participants will have time to reflect, integrate, and create action steps to guide their continued growth.

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This WYLD experience unearths your true north and guides you to greater clarity.

Specifically, what you can expect to get out of this retreat:

  • Articulation of your direction and next steps

  • Greater awareness of how to use your brain, strengths, and emotions as maps for effectiveness and well-being

  • Greater understanding of your potential and leadership impact (whether you are a student, an executive, a stay-at-home parent, or retired)

  • Increased confidence, creativity, clarity,
    productivity, and quality of life


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